Zane: {8 Days New}

 I have my friends and family to thank for helping my business start out and grow over 10 years ago. Yet, even after all this time, I am always the most honored when a friend chooses me to capture some of the most cherished memories of their lives. Mr. Zane is the handsome little boy of my good friend Taylor. Taylor and I worked together growing up. It has been so neat watching her become such and amazing mother. Newborn boy in wooden chest with teddy bearsNewborn boy with mama

I just love this photo of the two of them. So sweet ♥ Newborn boy in red santa bucket

I generally take off the month of December which means I haven’t many opportunities to photograph Christmas themed photos. I also did know we were going to be taking a Christmas photo- luckily I’ve become excellent at improvising over the years. You just never know what you can find in your closets that can really add to a seemingly simple photo such as this one.   Newborn boy with football

Another football fan. So many of the little boys who come by my studio start their love of sports from the day they are born.  Newborn boy close-up

I can’t wait to watch you grow up little man!
Love, Kristenbreaker


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