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As you can imagine, scheduling your professional maternity photography session is a bit of art and science – and I’m not just talking about choreographing the perfect poses and lighting. Babies have their own ideas about when they’re entering the scene, which can mean mothers can go into labor weeks before they anticipated the big event.

While it’s never too late to take newborn photos, it’s impossible to capture maternity photos after a baby is born!

Maternity photo taken in Minneapolis, MN

Reasons to Schedule Maternity Photography Sessions Between weeks 32 and 37

For this reason, we aim to schedule maternity sessions between week 32 and week 37. There are additional reasons why this time period makes the ideal window for the most stunning and priceless images.

Special note: The best time to book your session is at the beginning of your second-trimester; and while you’re at it, you can schedule your newborn photography session!

Your belly is full enough to shine, but not so full that you don’t

The goal of a maternity session is to capture the most undiluted essence of your pregnant form – the glow, the bounty and the magic of a body that is able to grow and nourish a baby. This means we like to wait until the third trimester.

The tricky part about waiting is that most women find the third trimester a bit of a yin and yang. This yin is the first half (you still feel great, can move pretty comfortably and enjoy the ultimate sensations of your baby’s motions), while the yang shows up in the second-half when sleeping for long stretches is challenging and your body feels a bit cumbersome.

By aiming for that window between weeks 32 and 37, we celebrate the contours of your body – during a time period when you’re still feeling really great and not worried about going into labor, and…

You can move comfortably and safely

…you can move safely around the photography location. The majority of my maternity sessions take place in beautiful, outdoor locations around the Twin Cities Area (no light is better than that provided by Mother Nature). So, your physical comfort and safety are a top priority.

However, we do live in Minnesota so outdoor sessions are not conducive year-round. Therefore, we also offer in-studio maternity sessions.

I mentioned that third-trimester yin/yang relationship pregnant women experience. If your 36-week and onward belly feels too-big-for-your-comfort, you will have a hard time moving around and holding occasional poses with the same ease as you would have a few weeks prior (the typical maternity session takes about one full hour. And, since safety is always the priority, your solid footing is directly related to your ease of movement.)

Maternity mini session taken at the Oakdale Nature Preserve

Which photo package should I choose?

If you want a large variety of images and poses to choose from or more than one location then our heirloom package is the perfect way to go. We have some clients who want to take photos both inside their home and outside at a beautiful outdoor location. These types of sessions make a great keepsake album.

However, we also have numerous clients who just want a few photos to remember this special time which makes our mini session a perfect choice. Mini sessions can be taken within a few miles of our studio at no extra charge and one of our favorite places to take these is at the Oakdale Nature Preserve. If you haven’t already checked out our maternity session pricing, you can find it here.

If you are still on the fence about taking maternity photos, I can tell you that I’ve never had a client regret taking them – only regret NOT taking them. Some pregnant women feel awkward about their size during this time but with the magic of professional lenses, lighting, and photoshop, you will be amazed by how beautiful you will look in your photos. We also recommend you consider pampering yourself for your session and having your hair and makeup done by a professional.

Want to see what a maternity session looks like? Check out this session we did at a client’s home in Minnetonka, MN. You can see additional maternity photos in our maternity gallery on our website.

Another beautiful mini session taken at the Oakdale Nature Preserve.

I hope this has helped to answer any questions you might have regarding when to schedule your maternity photos with Kristen Herber Photography. Are you ready to book your maternity session with a professional photographer who is experienced, certified in newborn photography safety and techniques and who is passionate about mothers and their babies? Contact me, Kristen, at kristen@herber.com and we’ll make magic together.

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