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May seems to be the month for babies this year… I think it’s because I’m going on my honeymoon to Egypt in May and that is just how things always go! lol, I can not remember the last time I had so many requests for the same month, so many so that I heartbreakingly had to turn clients away! Even ones that contacted me 2 months ahead of time. Sweet Ms. Stella was scheduled to make her debut while I was in Egypt but this beautiful girl couldn’t wait to meet her Mom and Dad and perfectly timed an early arrival so that I could capture her photos before leaving for my trip.

I generally try to make everything in a session coordinate so that when parents hang collages on the wall everything flows. I made an exception this time since Mom’s favorite color is purple but Dad specially requested a hot pink and gray backdrop. How can I say no to that? It really isn’t that often I hear an opinion from Dads. I’m not trying to stereotype here, it’s just fact. So when I do, it seems just so much extra sweet. And, I think the set turned out adorable so great job Dad!

So on this post, let’s talk a bit about session colors! This can often be a difficult decision for parents. I always offer my clients the option to choose a color theme, request a prop or backdrop of mine they love that I’ll match the rest of the session too, OR let me put together a set for them… the ladder being my favorite, of course! Funny thing that most people don’t notice is that in the newborn photography industry there are mega prop trends and they change very quickly. I spend a significant amount of time keeping on top of what those trends are (which also gets quite expensive). Here are a few popular trends of 2019:

  • Use the same exact color wrap and bonnet as the bean bag drop color (which does allow baby’s skin to stand out)
  • Burlap and jute mesh layers
  • Faux and real flowers, especially cotton stems and peonies
  • Natural and cream barn wood backdrops
  • Natural and cream wood dough bowls
  • Less traditional colors such as sage, mustard yellow, blue for girls, burgundy, navy blue
  • Fabric bean bag drops and wraps that have floral patterns
  • Potato sack pose on fur
  • Hand knit wraps and bonnets
  • Elaborate digital backdrops (I haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet)
  • To name a few!

Baby girl in mauve wearing Mia Joy Studio Dress taken in Woodbury, MN

Quite often I question whether or not I actually turn a profit from newborn photos since each session uses roughly $1000 of props that I rarely use more than once or twice. So, when you’re looking at newborn photographers and notice that newborn photographers that provide props charge a higher cost for photos, this is one of the reasons why!  It’s crazy expensive to do so! So if you aren’t sure what colors you want your session to be – I highly recommend letting me put something together for you! I guarantee you it’s going to be on trend and different than all your friend’s photos. Otherwise, I often ask what the nursery colors are and recommend using those and then hanging baby photos in the nursery. Many parent’s spend a lot of time thinking about what color or theme they want their baby’s nursery to be so chances are you’re going to love the same colors for your photos!

The outfit in these photos is from Mia Joy Studio
Hot pink and gray backdrop is from Intuition Backgrounds

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