Sawyer: {10 days new}

HAIR! Look at all that gorgeous hair! And those beautiful skin tones, too. Miss Sawyer was such a doll to photograph. Mom requested bright colors and they turned out so amazing against her skin tone.  I’m fairly certain I have more props and backdrops than the stuff I own in my entire house. I have an addiction! #propaholic When it comes to backdrops, almost every drop I own is from Intuition Backdrops. I just love her stuff.

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If you are looking at my work and loving it but looking at my pricing and feel like it’s awfully high for photos – remember that I am a stylized newborn photographer. I provide the drops, clothes, wraps, props, headbands, outfits, layers… on top of the camera gear, lights, and studio. For the average newborn session, the props used often retail a total of $500+. On top of that, I only use props a few times so that everyone’s photos are unique to them. I often say that I’m not sure if I make money off of newborns because I’m always buying new props! So, when you compare pricing between photographers, remember the extra value in my sessions, on top of the over 15 years of experience, years of teaching others, studio costs, and business costs. Anyone can take photos but it takes a lot of experience, training, and equipment to achieve this type of work.

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This has nothing to do with Miss Sawyers session except for the fact that I love all the props used for her session. They were expensive but oh so gorgeous! Sawyer was such a sweet pea today. She slept so well. Also, please note that I specialize in babies of all skin colors! Please bring me your Hispanic, black, native, Asian, mixed and everything in between, beauties!

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Pro Tip: Always heat your studio to be at least 80 degrees. Crazy, right? It’s like a sauna but the babies LOVE it. I have had so many parents leave their session to then go buy their baby a mini heater and report back how much longer baby slept. Win! In all my year, I have only ever met one newborn who didn’t like the heat.

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