Riley: {2 weeks old} | Oakdale MN Newborn Photographer

In the past, I’ve gotten a lot of requests for pink sets for little girls but it feels like it’s been forever now since my last one! I’ve said this before but nearly every time I photograph a newborn, I change my mind as to what my favorite sets are. Simple versus neutral versus bright colors versus elaborate… I love them all. This mom requested pink and purple for this little girls session and I think that the pink perfectly matched her beautiful skin tones.

When I do newborn sets, I always try to shoot for three different looks. One routine of simple sweet poses on the beanbag, one set in a basket or bucked posed on a backdrop or wood floor, and then the third being either family or sibling photos or a more elaborate backdrop set. To be honest, maybe only 50% of newborns let me get this much variety before they’ve had enough – but we always try. In order to attempt to have the best session, I always send out a list (very long list) of recommendations to help prepare baby for their session. Some of these things include:

  • Keeping baby awake in the AM so they are extra sleepy when they arrive
  • Choosing an AM session time
  • Allowing baby a bottle and nuk for use during the session even if you’ve never given one and don’t plan to. Allowing me to care for baby instead of letting baby smell mom nearly always leads to getting a lot more photos
  • Letting baby feed until they get milk drunk
  • Letting me know a few days ahead of time what they want for their session or plan to bring so that EVERYTHING is set up and ready to go before they arrive and they don’t have to give up shooting time waiting for me to set up

beautiful newborn baby girl in pink wearing mia joybeautiful baby girl posed on pink bean bag drop wearing mia joy studio dress
At this point, I have photographed over 100 newborns (I’ve officially lost track) yet I continue to learn new tips and tricks for sessions. I swear that even after all this time, I learn something new or learn from a new mistake or a client asks me a question about their session that has never been asked before. A great business owner is always adapting and learning. Some days I feel like I nailed it! While others I feel like I’ve totally dropped the ball – all based around client questions and reactions. But always always always everything is done with the best intensions and love – which is why I do what I do, I LOVE IT! So bring me your newborns!

Purple backdrop and wood floor by Intuition Backgrounds
Pink floral headband by Polka Dot Poppy
Pink outfit by Mia Joy Studio
Cream basket by Luneberry

Beautiful baby girl in purple on intuition backgrounds backdrop

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