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What are the most fun sessions to do??? Sitter sessions! Sitter is defined as between 6 months to 1 year – once they can sit up on their own but before they start walking. Sitters are the best because they are so interested in everything! Sitting up is a new skill they are proud of so they are generally really happy and they can’t run away from me yet! Miss Reese is the babe of a very good friend of mine. A friend who always loves any photo I take of her children so she gave me free rein to put together any sets and outfits I wanted – that’s like giving a gift to a photographer! I felt so gitty! I put together sets I’d want to do if it was my own child, and I had so much fun. I had too many ideas!

One-year-old sessions generally start out really happy during their session but then like only 10 minutes later, they are over it. LOL! So we have to move fast! This kind of sessions rarely lasts longer than an hour so I always tell parents to prepare themselves to be over the top silly and sweaty. I NEVER have to go to the gym after doing a session this age and I often lose my voice. Lots of monkey sounds, dog calling (don’t judge me), singing, and jumping up and down just so we can get one smile. Miss Reese was no different! By the time we got to the cake smash session, we had 5 of us trying to entertain her like a bunch of monkeys but she was so focused on her cake that we didn’t even get one smile! The girl knows what she likes.


one year old girl in pink on antique doll bed

But even after all that monkey business, we got GREAT photos! I’m super excited with how they turned out. A lot of variety and outfits, and several different facial expressions. So if you bring your little one for a sitter session (which you should) bring their favorite toys, download their favorite songs, bring bubbles, treats (as long as they aren’t messy or are in the photos), and maybe a few extra people. 🙂 And I guarantee you we’ll get some super fun photos!

All backdrops and wood floors by Intuition Backgrounds
Ouftits by Cora and Violet
Wings and cream bucket by JD Vintage Props

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