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Newborn baby boy with train set – digital composite

Digital Art is a new addition to your experience with Kristen Herber Photography!

During your newborn session, we will take a few specific photographs purely to create these digital art pieces that are something a little bit extra special and exclusively designed just for you. We will pose your little one on a special mini bean bag called The Perfect Posie that is ideal for getting your babe into a super cute squished up pose. For certain images, we may add in cream fluff to match the composite.

Often, portraits like these are digitally composed together for safety, to ensure that your baby is never at risk of injury or harm, but sometimes, it’s just about expressing a creative art piece that can become a statement in your home. Many of our clients have blown these images up onto large canvases.

The cost of newborn photography props is no joke! An average heirloom session uses over $1500 in drops, floors, outfits, props, headbands…. and are often only used a handful of times each. Digital drops give us the opportunity to stage a single set that could otherwise cost $500+ all on its own, let alone setup time and design time. Digital composites cost a fraction of the price for both our studio and our clients. You can find our price guide by clicking here.

Highlight the holiday your baby was born near with a digital composite

We currently offer over 200 unique digital drops, with our collection ever-growing. Since it is extremely important that an image of baby very closely matches the lighting and color of the digital drop chosen, our studio will select which images to use during post-process. However, you may request certain colors or images you’ve seen prior to your session date and we will do our best to shoot for those images (but we can make no guarantee).

We offer very simple to very elaborate

Photoshopping these images together is a true art form and talent. It takes an incredible amount of photoshop skills to be able to make these images look authentic. A small percentage of photographers hold this skill which is one more reason why you should consider Kristen Herber Photography for photographing your newborn! Not only are we very advanced in photoshop, but we have taught classes in it for over a decade.

We have a large selection of options to celebrate rainbow babies!

Digital Art pieces take time and are an exclusive optional extra session add-on for you, a little extra service and love we pride ourselves in offering to every one of our clients and we hope you love them as we do! If you have additional questions about our newborn sessions, please check out this post on What to Expect During a Newborn Photo Shoot! Thanks so much for considering me for your baby’s photos. I hope this has helped to answer any questions you might have regarding digital composite images with Kristen Herber Photography. If you have any more questions or would like to talk to me about scheduling a session, send me an email to

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Kristen Herber Photography is located in Oakdale, Minnesota on the Eastside of Saint Paul and serves new families in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.

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