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Affordable Newborn Photography Classes and mentoring offered in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota

Interested in Learning?

Are you looking to make photography a more serious hobby? Or are you a photographer who is new to weddings, newborns, or portrait photography, or maybe wanting to get into studio lighting or advanced photoshop and interested in learning more about it?

We offer one-on-one mentoring!

Affordable Newborn Photography Classes and mentoring offered in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota

Mentoring for both amateurs & Photographers

I’ve been in the photography business for over 18 years now and a photography instructor for nearly 10 years.  In that time, I’ve learned so much about myself, about my business, and about photography.  I’ve had some of the most amazing mentors along the way.  I take something from each mentorship and apply them in my own way to my studio.  I’m better for having those relationships, and I truly appreciate what they have given to our industry.

My Photography Experience

  • Wedding & Event Photography
  • Newborn Studio & In Home
  • Children & Family Portraits
  • Boudoir & Fine Art Portraits
  • Senior Portraits
  • Pet Portraits
  • Head Shots
  • Real Estate
  • Travel Photography
  • Macro Photography
  • Sports Photography
  • Product Photography
  • Extensive experience working with all camera brands!
  • Newborn Composite Images

Specific aspects we can cover for beginners

  • Basics of how to use your camera
  • How to use manual settings: Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balance, Exposure Compensation, Histogram…
  • Lenses choices, on & off-camera flash, & accessories
  • How to photograph in specific situations: Kids sports, Macro, Birds, Fireworks…
  • Composition & rule of thirds
  • Photoshop or Lightroom for beginners

Specific aspects we can cover for professionals

  • Newborn Posing, Wrapping, & Workflow
  • Wedding Photography Posing, Tips, & Workflow
  • Portrait Posing (couples, seniors, families, etc)
  • Studio Lighting
  • Portable Off-Camera Flash & Reflectors (for portraits, weddings, events and more)
  • Available (ambient, natural) light techniques
  • How to “read the light” for any situation
  • How to use a light meter, color balancing disc, flash gels
  • How to choose the right location for a portrait
  • Lens choices for any situation
  • Equipment, anything technical related to your camera or equipment to carry
  • And more!

Specific aspects of the business we can cover

  • Pricing: How to value your business
  • Marketing: from digital marketing, social media, to networking and good old fashioned handshaking
  • SEO Best Practices
  • Your Website: site design review, SEO checkup, and blogging
  • Note! Full-time I work as an industry-leading SEO and paid digital advertising specialist. I also offer extensive SEO Analysis’ for businesses. Inquire for details and pricing.

Photoshop,  Lightroom  and Digital Editing

  • Photoshop: Color and exposure adjustments, skin touch-up, sharpening, newborn compositing, HDR, head swapping, turning portraits into paintings, layers & masking, selective coloring, recommended actions to purchase, making a logo brush & more
  • Lightroom: Raw conversion, Color and exposure adjustments, presets, exporting for social media, HDR, bulk editing,
  • Creating Newborn Composite Editing
  • Creating Moonlit Silhouettes
  • Turning Portraits into Paintings
  • Head & Eye Swapping
  • Working with marketing templates

Affordable Newborn Photography Classes and mentoring offered in Minneapolis and Saint Paul Minnesota


1:1 Mentoring Sessions for Beginners

In-Person: At our in-home studio or on location

  • $100 per-hour with 2-hour minimum

Phone/Skype Mentoring

  • $75 per-hour with 2-hour minimum

*** Students may own any type of digital camera. We will inform you prior to scheduling if your camera is capable of capturing whatever skill you are looking to learn.

1:1 Mentoring Sessions for Professionals

In-Person: At our in-home studio or on location

  • $250 per-hour with 2-hour minimum
  • $1500 for full 8 hour day including model

Phone/Skype Mentoring

  • $150 per-hour with 2-hour minimum

*** Student must own a digital SLR or mirrorless camera for professional mentoring classes and have a basic understanding of shooting in manual mode. If not, please start with our beginner class.

Mentor sessions are one-on-one. Ask about our discount for 2+ people. If you would like me to come to your location and mentor you, I’m happy to do so.  Ask me for details and a custom quote based on your location and what you’d like to accomplish.

How to Schedule:

If you would like to schedule a mentoring session, please send an email to or click below and fill out our contact us page and include extensive details on what you’d like to learn; as well as the equipment you currently own.


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