Paige {Senior Session}

I LOVE photographing seniors! Especially CUTE ones 🙂 And I always have fun with girls because I can play with fun props and outfits. A few weeks ago I went out with Paige to Hudson, WI to a park that she picked called Birkmose Park which is also known as lookout park. As I was driving there I drove by the most awesome orange rusty truck I had ever seen and became a gitty school girl hoping she was going to let me photograph her in front of it. Of course the weather just couldn’t cooperate. It was freezing cold, overcast, extremely windy, and there were some drizzles here and there. Pretty much the exact opposite to a perfect day. You really wouldn’t have known though by how the photos turned out, at least I think.

high school senior girlhigh school senior birkmose park
















Posing girls can be easy but can also be hard. Sometimes they feel really uncomfortable in front of the camera and their posture is very stiff so it is very important that you take the time to notice how everything looks in the photo from their hands, feet, head, back, legs, you name it. I often make people stand back up and then sit back down how they normally would and not think about the fact that they are having their photo takien to avoid trying to just unstiffen their limbs. This usually works quite well. Also having them take deep breaths is a good trick too to try.

Senior girl fall colorssenior girl huson wisconsonsenior girl minnesota

Since mother nature gave me an over cast soft box to work with my lighting was really even toned but flat so I used a 580EX II off camera under a softbox on a light stand and then used a device on my camera which allowed me to manually adjust my flash from my camera. Works pretty darn slick and when it is cold you don’t have a lot of time to monkey around so this method gives what I think to be fairly nice side lighting with very short set up time. Highly recommend!

senior girl with old truckHow fun is this photo? I’m surprised her skin didn’t get stuck to the metal of the truck though- it was that cold! I just love how the peach color of her dress matches the orange and rust colors of the truck.

senior photos with rusty trucksenior girl 2012girl with rusty truck

Once again you are seeing quite a few images taken with my favorite sexy lens, Canon’s 135mm F2.0. I just can’t get enough of it and won’t leave home with out it. It makes everyone look good. It was a ton of fun getting to know you Paige and I hope you love you images as much as I do! xoxo


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