Nick and Jodi {Engaged}

Nick and Jodi are ENGAGED! And it’s about darn time 🙂 Ha ha. Jodi happens to be one of my best friends and it is such an honor to have been asked to photograph her and Nick’s engagement photos. But… let’s be honest, there always feels like more pressure when I photograph friends who are so close to me and I know that so many more of my friends will be seeing and critiquing these photos. Jodi wrote on her facebook page after the session that she knew that because I was the photographer “They would turn out perfect!” Geesh… no pressure there 🙂

This afternoon was a lot of fun. I really enjoyed getting to spend some time with Nick and Jodi together. We went to Matoska Park, in White Bear Lake. This was my first time shooting at this location and it for sure won’t be my last. I highly recommend you checking it out for any portrait session, but beware, it is a photographers goldmine so there tends to be lots of people being having their pictures taken there at all times. Jodi and Nick had a sentimental attachment to this gazebo which made this location even more special. I really LOVE it when couples choose a spot that has meaning to them. It adds so much more character to their photos.

We started our session around 4:30 pm, with me wanting to work with golden light. There is just never enough time. I could have spend all day with the two of them and never have gotten tired of photographing them. The bridge added a new color dimension to the photos that worked well with the sun setting. I always allow for 3 hours of shooting even though I only quote for 2 because you never know what may cut into your time- like waiting for other photographers to get out of your shot. Or in this instance, we had such a great area to work with that I didn’t want to stop shooting until the sun completely set. Often time those last minute photos can be some of the favorites.

Thanks you Nick and Jodi for asking me to be apart of something so special and personal in your life. It is a great honor. I hope you love your photos as much as I do and I truly believe they captured the fun, love, and happiness I see you two share with each other every moment I have known you. I wish for you a lifetime of happiness! And, I can’t wait until the wedding day- I’ll be the one with tears streaming down her face like an idiot! x o x o


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