Ms Madison: {newborn}

Eeeeek! Sweet precious Ms Madison came to the studio for her photo debut with her gorgeous peachy skin tones and rose red cheeks. I was so excited to break out this quilt backdrop by Intuition Backdrops that I’ve been saving for a special little subject.  Madison was just a little peanut, which is extra fun when picking props to use. I love using layers in my newborn photos and I find that you can discover new affordable layers just about anywhere. The lacy scarf was purchased from the world market on a day they had all scarves 50% off. I also locate a lot of fun layers in the scarf sections at used clothing stores such as Clothes Mentor and Style Encore, and sometimes even Goodwill.

Baby girl in basket on antique quilted blanket

Newborn baby girl in pink

Closeup of newborn baby girl toes

I love to photograph the tips of baby toes! One of my favorite photos to capture – but it takes a very sleepy baby to get a sharp fine focus shot. If you are thinking about photographing newborns, one must own lens is a macro lens so that you can creatively capture all the little baby parts. Canon’s 100mm F2.8 IS L lens was used to photograph these toes.

Newborn baby girl wearing owl outfit

Mom brought along this super cute knit owl outfit. Kinda want a hat like that for myself!

Mom, Dad and Newborn baby in studio

Newborn Baby girl with antique quilt


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