Minnesota Zoo: Winter 2015

One of my favorite things to do? Go to the zoo and take my camera. I LOVE LOVE LOVE animals! This is one of my happy places. Over this last year, I have been blessed to befriend one of the zoo photographers, as well as his fiance, the tiger keeper. Yup, he gets to go photograph these fur-balls whenever he wants and she gets to hang out with tigers all day. Good friends to know! I learned something new this day, the zoo animals are most active in the morning when they get let outside, around 9 am, AND there are little to no visitors yet at this time of day. Win win!


Canon 5D Mark III
Tamron 150-600mm VC
Canon 135mm F2


Minnesota Zoo Wolf Minnesota Zoo lynx Minnesota Zoo Flamingos Minnesota Zoo Monkey in tree Minnesota Zoo Monkey in tree 2 Minnesota Zoo Tigers fighting

Meet Nadia and Dari, two gorgeous tiger sisters! I have a confession to make. When these two were kittens, I would spend an embarrassing amount of my time watching them on the zoo cam. I was even able to get my boss and coworkers on board with this and every day, maybe a few times a day, the staff would stand around the computer watching these two beauties! They were so much fun to photograph. Let me just say that it was like 40 below zero, my fingers and toes became frost bit, and I didn’t even notice! I could have watched them all day.

Gear note: this was my first time taking out my new Tamron 150-600mm VC (which I sold my Canon 100-400mm lens to buy). The sharpness and clarity of this lens is magnificent! I instantly fell in love with my new upgrade. *mind you, this statement is coming from a Canon snob! đŸ™‚

Minnesota Zoo Tigers playing in snow Minnesota Zoo Tigers roar


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