Lucas: {Senior}

 Meet my handsome little brother, Lucas. A few years ago my family relocated to Fort Worth, Texas, which meant big sister needed to make a special trip down there to capture this moment. I’m not familiar with the area so my first challenge was trying to find a place to take his photos. Fort Worth is quite different from Saint Paul. Many places are fenced off. So, we headed down to the Stockyards and found some pretty fun spots. My second challenge was the Texas sun. So much brighter than in Minnesota. I learned that the only possible way to use some of these great locations was to wait until the sun was setting. My last challenge was that, well, Lucas is my brother and it is always more difficult to photograph family. All-in-all, I think we got some pretty great shots. Senior Guy against brick wall in Fort Worth, TXSenior guy sitting on train tracks in Fort Worth, TXOne thing I want to mention here is that these tracks we used in the stockyards are for show. No trains actually use them. I assume they were used in the past but they now dead end into the stockyards. Safety of my clients is always a priority.  Senior Boy standing by brick wall in Blue Shirt Senior boy in plaid shirt standing by old fence in Fort Worth TX Senior Boy in blue plaid sitting outside as the sun sets Senior boy by train tracks as the sun sets in Fort Worth TX

Happy Graduation Lucas!
Love you lots,


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