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I love all my clients but every once in a while I have clients that leave a very special mark on my heart. The McGuire family would be such a client. A little over 3 years ago, this family reached out to me with a very special request. They had recently relocated to MN and living with family and their baby girl had had a rough but miracle start to life – spending the first few months in the hospital. They really wanted beautiful newborn photos but this sweet pea was still on O2 and her system was still fragile. So, I offered to pack up the studio and transport it to them. I don’t generally do this. It is very time consuming and exhausting but something in my heart told me I should this time. I transformed the living room into a makeshift studio, studio lights and all. We got adorable photos and from then on I often thought about this sweet little girl.

Fast forward a few years and I get an email from Mom asking if I’d be interested in Maternity photos and a newborn session for baby #2. Heck yes! And I was tickled pink – they are now living clear across the Twin Cities but were still wanting to work with me! They requested we take the maternity photos at their home. I never know what I’m going to get when I get a request like this. I can make just about anything work but often the location is just so-so. This time, I pulled up to their home and my mouth dropped. Breathtaking. Beautiful airy home up on a hill/semi cliff overlooking a gorgeous lake with the Minneapolis skyline in the background and woods surrounding one side of the home. Yes! This I can work with. Upon booking the time, I wanted to make sure the sun would be located in the background and not blaring in the client’s eyes so we booked an AM session. Well, the sun rises quite early in April. Even though I arrived around 9, the sun was already very high and direct. A lot of photographers struggle to shoot this type of light. It isn’t ideal but a well trained photographer still knows how to handle it. Two very important tools are:

  1. A handheld meter – a lot of photographers these days use the back of their screen to gauge exposure. Well, when the sun is blaring bright, you can’t accurately see your screen. A handheld meter will never lead you wrong!
  2. A 5 in 1 reflector – you want to make sure the clients are facing away from the sun so that they don’t squint but then you want to make sure you reflect natural light back in so that coloring is accurate and even, eyes are bright, and they don’t appear to have circles under their eyes. I LOVE using reflectors. If I had had an assistant, I would have also used a large diffuser to block the hot spots hitting their hair. I do have a reflector holder but it was much too windy to make it work.

Maternity photography in blue dress with family taken at medicine Lake in Plymouth MN

Using these tools lead to very little to no editing being done on the exposure and background. I never understand why photographers spend more time trying to correct these issues in photoshop versus learning these techniques and getting the exposure spot on in the camera. I’m a photographer first, photoshopper second and I almost never need to do a drastic before and after photoshop edit. I have been a photography instructor for over 10 years now so if you are local and would like to schedule a one on one class with me, please shoot me an email! Kristen@herber.com


Maternity photography in blue dress with family taken at medicine Lake in Plymouth MN Maternity photography in blue dress with family taken at medicine Lake in Plymouth MN

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