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I LOVE photographing seniors! But these last few falls my schedule has been so busy that I haven’t been able to fit many in. (super sad face) This year, I had the great honor of photographing my little cousin, Julia. Which is crazy to me because she was born the same year I opened my photography business – boy does that make me feel old! She was one of the cutest babies I’ve ever seen and even now nearly 18 years later, she is still such a doll! Julia is in her senior year at Hastings High School so what better place to take photos than in her home town? It is seriously a gold mine of backdrops to choose from. I’ve shot several weddings in this town but never a senior so this was a lot of fun for me – so fun that I took WAY too many photos.

If you’re from the Twin Cities, then you know that the weather this late summer / early fall has been total crap. Yeah, I can’t even sugar coat this one. 5 days out of the week have been raining for weeks now. I have been totally lucky though and haven’t had to reschedule too many sessions. Julia’s first scheduled day got rained out. Then our makeup day looked like it was going to be great but literally 10 minutes into shooting the sky went dark – which is great for some photos but not the beautiful wildflower field photos she and her mom were really hoping for. So…. we went out a second day for more photos. I don’t normally do this but, well, it’s my cousin! Here are a few of her favorite photos:


Senior Photos Hasting Minnesota
These first few photos were taken in downtown Hastings at and near the beauty school. One great thing about the weather is that the town was pretty quiet which made shooting a lot easier. The last shot was taken at the old mill ruins along the river.


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If there was any advice I could give for shooting senior girls, it would be this:

  • Always ask them what bothers them the most when they see photos of themselves and focus on making those issues non-existant in the photos you take. My senior photographer did a great job at this when I was this age. My senior photos were the first time I saw photos of myself that I really loved and couldn’t wait to show off to others. Make your clients feel this way and more will come by word of mouth.
  • Make sure their legs and arms are never straight. I always remember the rule I was told way back in school nearly 20 years ago “if it bends, bend it!”
  • Smiling in front of the camera can be uncomfortable – I know this first hand. A really good fake laugh can do a lot for a photo. But that too can be really uncomfortable. So, I always laugh with my clients. Except I try to laugh harder and louder so they don’t feel the attention falling on them.
  • Unless you are crazy tall, always bring a step ladder! I try to shoot down on my subjects as often as possible. It is so much more flattering for both the jawline and waistline.

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I LOVE shooting in wildflowers and Julia had the perfect dress for it. She is totally rocking this mustard yellow, which is my favorite color but I don’t look this amazing when I wear it. These were taken at Old Mill Park.


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When I discovered that the lock and dam has an area that looks this beautiful, we just had to go catch some sunset photos there!  How beautiful are those sky colors? Julia was a trooper – that water was NOT warm and isn’t wasn’t exactly easy getting to this location.


Hastings MN senior Photographers

Ok, this last photo isn’t a family favorite, but I love it! Yes, her hair looks a bit crazy but that’s what happens when one jumps super high in the air. The bridge with the sign and the sunset – I feel like this is Hastings pride in a photo.

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