Jessie: Boudoir Portrait Session

Umm hello? It just can’t be easy looking this darn hott! What a fun and crazy day we had today! Tornados touching down, torrential down pours, oh my gosh but they turned out great! I love the back grounds that we found to work with and how all the colors flowed together. It can be tricky finding fun placing to work with when shooting boudoir photographs such as these. We used a friends back yard that had a beautiful green marsh in back and then we traveled out to downtown St. Paul which is continuously one of my favorite back drops to use. Boudoir photographs make a perfect gift for that someone special in your life. Great job Jessie! This was super fun!


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  1. Suwannee says:

    Hi! Im such a huge fan of yours and saw your boudoir blog post! So pfeerct! I also specialize in Boudoir, you can see some albums on but I have a question! Would you be able to share what sort of lighting you use? Im using a bounce flash off an umbrella but I love the look you have! Thanks in advance Vanessa

    • cosette51 says:

      Hey! Sorry I didn’t see your comment come through sooner. I actually had an assistant holding a large reflector and used an off camera speedlight inside a softbox to fill in on the other side. Hope this helps!

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