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Fall is one of my favorite times to photograph outdoors. This year in Minnesota, the weather has been a bit weird. Fall came late and fast, the cold came early, and ideal fall color shooting time was greatly shortened. That’s ok! Green leaves (because it has been too cold for the leaves to change) mixed with cute fall outfits still looks amazing! I love when my client’s show up all cute and stylish – I mean, what photographer wouldn’t? That’s promo material right there! The Greene family nailed it.

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I know that most of my sessions come off looking like everything must have gone amazingly well, the kiddos had fun and were full of smiles, and the parents had a great time. Don’t let the photos fool you – THIS RARELY happens! Like… once a year? So what’s the trick? Patience. Lots of patience. And as I tell all my clients, my patience will always out match theirs. I walk into a session expecting to have to sweet talk, buddy up, dance like a chicken, jump up and down, sing silly songs, and remain chipper for the next two hours no matter how the children act. Sound exhausting? Well yes, I often don’t need to go to the gym after a session with children. But the reality is that anyone can put up with anything when you know that in two hours time, it will all be over. So why not make the very best of those two hours you can. That’s my perspective. And after we work our butt off for two hours as the children do everything in their power to let us know how much they don’t want to take photos, we still manage to capture some amazing smiles and the session is always a success.


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Why am I going off on this tangent on this post? lol, I’ll leave that to your imagination but sometimes I have sessions where the parents are convinced there is no way we got any good photos after the two hours of zero cooperation from their children to then receive their photos and be blown away. That’s my job, that’s what I do, and I LOVE IT!


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So, TODAY’S TIP IS: Pull out all the stops, act like an idiot in public, come prepared with ticklers (what I call my long duster on a stick that I use to tickle the kids), move quickly, change positions often, go with the flow… go over the top because you can put up with anything for two hours – and the end results will be amazing.

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