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Emmitt: {2 weeks new} | Saint Paul MN Newborn Photographer

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Welcome to the world, Mr Emmitt! This mom requested forest green and gray and a woodsy feel. I don’t own too many things to meet that description, however, I think what I did have looked great! I LOVE LOVE LOVE when I get to work with a color that isn’t requested very often and green looks so good with Emmitt’s touch of red hair. Emmitt was still very flexible so I was able to get some really great poses with him and he looked beyond adorable all scrunched up.  All in all, I think it was a really great session! Plus, we got the newborn photographer unicorn – a smile! That adorable green outfit in the first photos was one that I sewed myself. I’m not an amazing sewer but if you don’t need to see the stitches, I can do a decent job. I also made this wrap, coincidently just days before I found out they wanted green for their session. I found this beautiful colored yarn from Hobby Lobby. I feel that Hobby Lobby has some of the best yarn out of all the craft stores – I just wish they had more colors that I could use. Family-owned shops are of course the route I try to go but often the yarn ends up costing more than I can justify spending on a wrap.

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I get asked about the basket in the top photo quite a bit by other photographers. Everyone wants one! Some prop vendors sell them (for an arm and a leg) but I was really lucky one day and found it at Homegoods for $16. Score! I have found many of my most favorite props there. Sometimes I see photographers in my online groups posting their amazing finds so I drive all around the city looking for the same thing they got and I’m pretty sure it has never worked out in my favor. lol The bottom bucket was actually something that I found tucked away in my shed this spring. Yeah, really! I didn’t even know we had it. I started jumping up and down when I found it which made my husband come rushing outside thinking something was wrong and I was like… look at this amazing newborn prop I just found in our shed! My parents were going through my grandparent’s old shed a few years ago and were going to throw a bunch of stuff out and I believe I found this in the discard pile and saved it but we were so busy with moving ourselves, that I totally forgot about it!

amazing newborn studio photographers in st paul Stillwater mn

I loved so many photos from this session that I overshared a bit. Here is a behind the scene pro tip for you. In the photo below where he is on the gray fur, he is actually propped up on a cat scratcher. Yeah… you read that right! A cat scratcher! You can find what I’m talking about here. It is actually the perfect design for getting that full flokati look around the baby and to also get babies head inclined just enough. This pose is called the potato sack pose. Babies look kind of silly all wrapped up in this pose – very much like a head sticking out of a giant potato sack. But when done correctly, it is stinking adorable! And we even got to see his beautiful eyes with this one.

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I have to say that these are some of my favorite parent shots I think I’ve ever done! Mom and Dad told me that they normally wear a lot of black so I didn’t want to deter them from looking like themselves but I also didn’t want their photos to look like they were taken in the early 2000’s. This drop is called Hale from Intuition Backdrops. For this look, I pulled my clients away from the drop and angeled the studio lights also away from the drop to create a dark look but not black. And then I finished the final print by adding a texture to the background to give it an even softer and modern feel. LOVE! I gotta say, I’m very thankful for my studio lighting training. I’m not sure how so many photographers today get by with only knowing a few basics and trial and error. There is a lot to be said for both a college education and continued education.

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Oh, did I mention that one of my photos from this session won an International Newborn award? This photo below placed silver in The Shine Photo Award contest based in Germany. This photo falls under our digital composite images. I photographed Emmitt on my digital composite bean bag with the wrap around him as you see but then I created by hand a matching mossy green backdrop using photoshop that you see behind him. It took a significant amount of time but I LOVE the outcome. You can see this image featured on the home page of our website.

“Kristen did an amazing job capturing our baby boy! She was meticulous and spent literally hours arranging him and patiently waiting for the perfect shot! You definitely get your money’s worth with her! I will cherish all the photos she provided me. You will not regret booking with her!”

Danielle (mom)
award winning newborn studio photographers in st paul MN

Thanks so much for considering me for your baby’s photos. If you would like pricing for newborn sessions, please click here. You should also check out our post on what to expect during a newborn photoshoot. We also have a great post on what parents should wear during their photos. If you have any more questions or would like to talk to me about scheduling a session, send me an email to

Looking forward to hearing from you!

XOXO, Kristen

Kristen Herber Photography is located in Oakdale, Minnesota on the Eastside of Saint Paul and serves new families in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and surrounding areas.

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