{Emmie} 12 days new

baby girl hanging in cloth st paul

This winter I had the honor of photographing beautiful baby girl Emmie Lorah. She was just perfect, pink, and Daddy’s little girl. I have a love for hanging those little ones from the tree branches and for little Emmie I purchased and comfy new wrap for her to lay in. The branch is from from a birch tree that I cut down from out on the woods and drilled holes in to fit the tops of my light stands. All in all, I think it turned out pretty darn cute.

baby girl hanging from branchnewborn girl hanging from branch

Newborns are one of my favorite subjects. The trick to perfect newborn photos it to get the little ones in the studio when they are under 2 weeks old. The younger they are the more creative the posing can be. Sometimes mom doesn’t quite feel ready to leave the house yet in this time. That’s ok. Just let me know and I can bring my studio setup to you.

newborn baby girl in pink

And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again… accidents are going to happen. Little ones are going to have something come out of them from some angle at least a few time during the session. Don’t worry, I’ll be prepared and try not to feel bad. We got this cute pink shot above right before Emmie decided to water herself, the blanket, the floor, oh… and Dad. 🙂newborn baby girl st paul mn

Welcome to the world little Emmie Lorah! I can’t wait to watch you grow!  xoxo

newborn baby girl with parentsnewborn baby girl and her parents


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