Emilia Grace: 6 Month Session

Well hello their Miss Emilia Grace. Aren’t you just full of smiles? Emilia likes to have her picture taken! That’s a good thing because her Daddy is a photographer too 🙂 Emilia and I had a lot of fun today. She was willing to do pretty much anything we wanted. (especially eat her toes!) I’m not sure if we could get her to stop eating her toes… This little girl also likes being naked! So cute! This was Emilia’s first formal session so we added in a few photos that were more newborn traditional for Mom and Dad to keepsake. The blanket she is laying on is something that was made for her by her Grandmother. I love it when parents bring with them items that are meaningful to add to the photographs. It makes the photographs even that much more special. (especially for Grandma!) Can’t wait to see your beautiful smile again baby Emi!


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