Dolores: {newborn}

Meet sweet Ms. Dolores. Because I love her name so much, I have to add in here that Dolores was named after her grandmothers on each family side. That right, both her Mom and Dad had grandmothers named Dolores. So neat! Ms Dolores is the daughter of a good friend of mine, as well an entire family I’m rather fond of, the Hecklingers. For Ms D’s session, I asked her Mom if she had any requests for the setup. Purples, greens, all natural / nature. The two green fluffs are from one of my favorite vendors Oh So Fleeting. They really are as soft as they look. The round basket is one that I’ve had several people contact me wanting to know where I got it. It came from Pier One probably 10 years ago, so sorry on that one. They are tough to find! The twig bed can be purchased several places, I went with Intuition Backdrops, who if you don’t know, also sell an awesome variety of props.

Newborn baby girl in purple

Family newborn photo

newborn wearing purple in basket

Big brother with newborn sister

Do note that the photo above is a composite. Mom was holding the baby in the background. Due to safety reasons, I highly recommend never letting young siblings hold babies on their own.

Black and white newborn baby girl in studio

Mom holding newborn baby girl in blue

newborn wearing purple in twig basket

Kristen Herber holding newborn client

That’s me and my new friend! Ms D was a perfect angel for her session… but as soon as we were done and I want to snap a quick photo with her she was like… no way lady, get me out of here! Hehe!


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