Daevon turns 3!

If time goes by this fast for me as a photographer watching these children grow up, I can’t even imagine what it is like for the parents! I have been photographing Daevon since he was 2 months old. He has grown from an adorable baby into a handsome little man who has sooo much energy. I wish he could share some with the rest of us! Today we went out to Como Park to take some photos. 3 years is so much more delightful to photograph that 2 years because they finally understand the concept of bribery đŸ™‚ Today’s bribery was gummy worms and it only took one time for Daevon to understand that smiles earned WORMS! Sure… this only works for so long, but it worked for long enough. Look at his dashing smiles. What a good looking kid he is. Oh next year seems so far away but I bet it will sneak up on us fast once again just like it always does. Happy Birthday sweet boy!


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  1. Oscar Gidney says:

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  2. Stephan Weddington says:

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  3. Joe Goodhall says:

    3 year olds ARE really tough!!! Thanks for the great tips! Love the photos-

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