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I am so blessed. Through the years, my friends have been some of my biggest supporters. I started doing photos for Jodi 12 years ago! I have photographed personal portraits for her, engagement photos, wedding (the ones I could capture when I wasn’t too busy being a bridesmaid), newborn, milestone, and family. As the kids have gotten older, things have become a bit more chaotic lol, but even so, the session’s with the Buche’s is one of my favorite sessions of every year.

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This year Jocelyn was a bit less enthusiastic about taking photos and gave me a run for my money (no need to go to the gym and lift weights for a few days after this session) but we still managed to get some super cute ones! Maddox had a pretty good time with the car – in out, in out. Mom and Dad got pretty darn tired and were ready for a nap after.

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Funny thing is that so often, it’s mom and dad’s faces that run the family photos! Their faces scream – oh my gosh, if you don’t sit still and smile for 5 freaking seconds I’m going to… haha! Yet they are the ones not smiling. I often have to head swap parents faces more than children. At every family session, I have to remind the parents that they need to act like they are having a great time. Family photos are like social media… It always looks like everyone else’s professional photos are perfect and you wonder why yours were a nightmare. Fact – almost everyone ones are a nightmare.

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Pro Photographer Tip: This one goes out to the parents. When your kids are aking like jerks, threatening to take away or throw away everything they love and that they no longer are going to get the treat promised to them for taking photos NEVER works to get the kids to behave. Weird, I know haha! I hear these statements at pretty much every single child session I shoot and every time it makes things worse. Instead, wait until after the photo shoot is over to tell them you are throwing away all their precious toys haha! đŸ™‚

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