Brent and Mandy Peterson

Now you may kiss the bride!

You know when you are a little girl dreaming about what it will be like one day when you get married? You see photos of the most beautifully perfect brides dressed up in the most beautiful gowns who look like princesses and someday you want to look just like them. Well, the moment I saw my dear friend Mandy on her wedding day I was instantly reminded of that childhood dream. A bride of all beauties, glowing… mere perfection. And by her side, her dashing prince. Brent and Mandy are an inspiration of life partners through true love. Something many hope and dream to find. It was such an honor being here this day on one of the most important days of their lives. It was my great pleasure being able to photograph a few candids through out the day, some of which are still my favorite even after all this time.

The dress

First Dance

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