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It isn’t very often I get a request for in-home lifestyle newborn sessions, which is such a bummer for me because I absolutely love doing them! Especially with the white and gray trending modern homes we have these days – they really make the photos look light and airy. Even though I don’t post a lot of sessions that look like this style, I actually do quite a few per-year except most are on a volunteer basis and take place in hospital rooms. Lifestyle sessions can be much more relaxing for families. There is no stress of packing up the house early in the morning to drive to a studio. Because we aren’t using any props, beyond wraps and headbands, the sessions go much more quickly. And, if you have other children, it is easier to keep them occupied during this kind of session.

When it comes to lifestyle photos, there are a few things that can make these types of sessions a huge challenge and there are some things you can can do to prepare ahead of time to ensure a great session. Here are my tips for a flawless lifestyle newborn session for both photographers and parents:


TIME OF DAY: Lighting can be tricky for this kind of session. Ideally, we want to rely on natural light as much as possible and turn off all indoor lights. When booking the time of day, observe what time of day lighting is the strongest in the area of the home you want to focusing on photographing in. If you aren’t sure, send photos of your home ahead of time to me so that I can help choose which rooms may provide the best look. It’s always ideal to get a sunny or mostly sunny day for this kind of session. Cloudy days are doable but I will likely need to crank up the ISO or use fill lighting. If the day is really dark and stormy, depending on your home, you may want to consider rescheduling. You can still do a session on this kind of day but fill lighting will be necessary which can give the photos a very different look, which you may not care for.


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PREP YOUR SPACE: Your home does not have to be perfect. I promise. It’s your home and it’s supposed to look lived in, and if you have little ones, it’s VERY well lived in.  You don’t have to hire a professional cleaning company before your session or redecorate the living room; I’m there to focus on you and the interactions with your new baby. Instead, focus on uncluttering your home which means just tidying up a bit and basically putting stuff in the room where it belongs (no coats on couch or towels on bed sort of thing) and just toss the rest in a closet until I leave. The less clutter showing the photos, the more airy the images will look. Giving windows or mirrors a quick wipe does go a long way because streaks or dust on these surfaces can be very obvious in photographs.


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CRANK THE HEAT: (or turn off the air conditioning). The adults may feel a bit hot and uncomfortable, but the baby will be toasty and happy (and as you’re learning, their needs come first haha).


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COLLECT: any items you want used in the session beforehand such as blankets or stuffed animals.  We’ll go through these together to determine what and how we can use the items in your session.


Lifestyle Newborn Photography Minneapolis Minnesota

LOCATION: I typically shoot a good portion of the session in the nursery so please have the curtains and shades open to let in lots of natural light. I also love to photograph baby with mom and dad in their bed, on the couch, anywhere comfy and snuggly. No need to clean, but just try and make sure the clutter has found its way to a closet in these particular rooms.


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BATH: Please be sure to give baby’s hair a wash the morning of the session. Newborn’s hair get’s greasy very quickly and clean hair photographs so much better.

BEFORE MY ARRIVAL: In order to spend as much of the session time photographing, please feed baby shortly before my arrival so we are ready to begin. However, if you’d like nursing photos captured, let me know and we’ll start the session by feeding baby.


If you are looking to book a lifestyle newborn session, contact me at: Kristen@herber.com

or you can find pricing here!


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