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A few months back, I attended a newborn training session (because even after 16 years of shooting and even teaching others, there is still always more to learn) where I learned a new stylized workflow that promotes getting a larger variety of bean bag posing in a short amount of time. It’s a bit simpler than my usual style but the results are phenomenal. A few days ago, I got married. Yup! I scheduled a newborn shoot a few days after the largest event of my entire life. My brain still felt fried and Miss Arlie waited a few weeks for me to be free for her photos. Normally, 3-week olds can be a little tougher to photograph but thanks to Miss A’s calm personality and the training session, I think we nailed it!


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I also love when parents give me full rein to choose what colors and props I want to use for their session. Nearly always, I have super cute outfits and props on standby just waiting for the right request or ability to choose what I want to break them out. I got to do this for Arlie and put together a super cute teal set that was all based around the adorable teal outfit I have been dying to use!


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Here is today’s tip: Start baby wrapped up in a very tight burrito posed on a beanbag and then work towards naked and prop photos. When I say tights, I mean, use two wraps and make sure to pull it as tight as you can with each wrap around. Why? Because this nearly ensures you’ll always get at least a few framers no matter how unhappy baby may be that day. This also helps calm them down and feel safe which often naturally puts them to sleep!


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