Alaina: 6 month Session

Miss baby Alaina Jane is 6 months old already! And she is already sitting up too. It is so much fun watching these babies grow up before my eyes. It is now fall and time to start thinking about Christmas card photos so Mom and Dad wanted some outdoor family photo. Dad really likes weeping willow trees and I really do too so they picked this lake because of the beautiful trees and it was a perfect idea. We had a great sunny day but a little bit of wind so I had a lot of fun getting my reflector to sit still. (even with a sandbag!) I love all the fall leaves all over the ground and the golden evening light on their faces. Makes me want to heat up a cup of hot cider right now! Isn’t Alaina so cute in that big pile of leaves! Mom’s idea- she is very creative and always come with lots of suggestions to add to our sessions. What a cute little pumpkin 🙂


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