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Nothing makes me feel more warm-hearted than when a client comes back for repeat newborn photos with their next baby. There are literally thousands of photographers in my state that photograph newborns and who are very talented. It’s an honor for any client to choose me but to continue using me for future sessions is so great. This is the second baby I’ve photographed for this family, as well as doing a maternity session and a whole family session for their grandparents. Not only that, but these clients moved 40 minutes away from me (on a good day) and continue to make the drive. With that being said, they now feel more like friends – which is also the best!

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Mom requested navy and cream from Mr. Aiden’s session to match his nautical themed nursery. How cute, right? However, photographing dark colored backdrops can be significantly more tricky. I’ve never photographed a navy colored drop so I did some google and pinteresting and loved many photos I saw so I had to give it a try. The first issue I ran into was that the back of my camera was not displaying the color correctly. It’s hard to describe but it basically made the dark blue look overly saturated and bright. Photography 101 is to never trust the back of your screen. It can be very hard not to when things look wrong! But I have learned my lesson that my hand meter and manual color temperature are never wrong but my canon LCD screen always is – especially when photographing deep blue, reds, and hot pinks. Sure enough, when I downloaded the images to my computer, they looked spot on.

Baby boy  in navy blue and cream on bean bag backdrop in st paul studio

Another thing to watch for is that certain colors reflect onto newborn skin more which requires additional correcting in photoshop. These are often dark colors or rich colors such as dark blue, red, hot pink, and bright green. Even though I try to spend as little time as possible in photoshop, I still spend a significant amount of time editing newborn photos. My exposure, lighting, and coloring are generally spot on so it isn’t my image quality I’m correcting – it’s the baby’s skin! Newborn skin is THE WORST. Seriously! I spend on average of 20 minutes per photo editing out (what I call) cottage cheese skin, peeling skin, scratches, red blotches from birth, fur (sometimes), jaundice or skin that is unnaturally too red or purple, and then color reflections from backdrops. It’s quite the process. I get asked a lot how I get my newborn skin to look so creamy and perfect. The answer is that I use an amazing set of newborn photoshop actions purchased from Greater than Gatsby – both versions I and II. The upfront cost isn’t cheap but it’s truly a game changer for newborn photographers.

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