Hi, I’m Kristen!


I’m a new wifey, kitty-mama, nature enthusiast and a romantic nut. I feel so lucky to get to do what I love. I feel honored to share your special milestones with you. I find beauty in all styles from simple to over the top. If you like what you see in my portfolio; you’re going to love your photos.  I believe every picture I take and give you should be frame-worthy. I look forward to creating wonderful memories for you!

IN MY BAG:                                                                    THINGS I LIKE:
● Canon EOS  5D IV DSLR
● Nearly Every L Series Lens
● Gotta Have Chapstick
● Water & Snacks
● Reflector
● Battery Backup
● Memory Cards
● Photography
● Baby Kittens
● Espresso
● Traveling the World
● Anthropologie
● Cozy Winter Nights
● Connecting With Mother Nature

5 Reasons to Hire Me!

1. Passion Photography is not a full time job for me. I don’t do it because I have to. I’m a photographer because I love the art of it, and I love the challenge of composing and making a beautiful photograph. Every client is a new opportunity for me to paint a new and beautiful picture of their story. All of these stories are what keeps my passion alive.

2. Skill– I have a formal education in photography, lots of continued education over the years, and over 18 years of experience photographing weddings and portraits. I know what stands the test of time. I know how to improvise when lighting conditions are difficult. I know how to see a space and find creative perspectives. I know my equipment well, so I am able to react quickly.

3. Delivery of Best Images-  I want to give my clients the best images! I’m picky when it comes to delivering a good image.  I’m always after the photo that is stunning, so let’s do it!

4. Consistency- The images I deliver are very true to how a scene looks when the photograph is taken. In other words, I don’t do a lot of editing where colors are unnatural, or where the image is contrasty or highly processed. The images from your wedding day or session will be consistent in color, editing, and in look and feel. I feel this will make your collection of images timeless. In years down the road, they will still be classic, and not feel trendy or over-processed.

5. I am Calm & Kind- I have been told that my presence at a wedding is calming.  I care about people and I want to help make experiences the best they can be!  I am able to adapt to different situations easily, I am very low maintenance, and I listen to my clients. I have one goal, and that is give you a collection of images that shows how amazing your wedding day was.  I will do anything to help make this day go well for you so I can achieve this. My clients with newborns and children have stated that I have endless patience for their little ones. 

L E T ’ S   C O N N E C T !

–  (651) 331 – 6381

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